Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pattty w/ 3 Ts and The Beast

Pattty w/ 3 T's and The Beast

So this image will be in and up coming show in Annapolis, MD, title tba. The curator, one Katie Wright loved it. I am still kind of amazed she chose it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Project Continues

After going to breakfast with my mom and some of her sisters and a friend whom we all call Auntie out of respect, I continued to shoot for my "Things for Sale in a Small Town." I am pretty happy with what I found, not just truck and cars. There were a few new things such as my uncle's dozer and a truck bed. There is a truck cap I wanted to shoot but there was some police activity occurring across the street so I decided to hold off. I am confident it will be there tomorrow.

Yellow Dozer, 151 Young St., East Hampton, CT

OH! and I found a bus. That is right a BUS! I was pretty excited about this one.

White Bus, Intersection of Glastonbury Tnkp and Sage Hollow Rd, Portland, CT

I plan to do some more looking later in this week. Gas still cost a lot of money to just ride around with out having some idea where things are. I want to verture further in to the surrounding towns, like Glastonbury, Portland, and Colchester. I want to try to keep it mostly 'small towns' with things like regional high schools. Not cities like Middletown.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things for Sale in Small Town

So I have started my new project. This whole thing came about from me driving around and noticing in the back of my mind that there were a lot of things, mostly cars, on people lawns for sale. That got me to thinking on our current economic crisis and gas issues. So I thought I would go and see what I could find. This is only one shoot, I plan to go out again later today to a few places were I know there are more things and a big more variety. I don't want this to be just about car, I plan to look for other things, such as firewood or, as on of my cousins told me, bunnies. I'll see what I can find. But I would like some feed back on what shots seem to be working best. I have not done any work on these images as my photoshop program is on the fritz.
Black Volvo and White Bayliner, 186 E. High St., East Hampton, CT

White Bayliner, 186 E. High St., East Hampton, CT

Grey F250, Intersection of Lake Dr. and E. High St., East Hampton, CT

Blue Blazer, 12 Portland Resevoir Rd. East Hampton, CT

Red F150, Intersection of Hebron Rd. and Blackledge Dr., Marlbrough, CT

Grey Blazer, 157 W. Main St, Hebron, CT

Happy Particle Accelerator Day!

Today in Switzerland they are going to fire up the Large Hadron Collider. This is a particle accelerator complex. They are going to shoot protons at each other at a very high rate of speed with lots of energy to see what will happen. from what it sounds like they are trying to recreate some aspects of the Big Bang and look for the Higgs Boson or "God particle," the one that, if it exist, will make all the theories work. (we all know about looking for or trying to figure out that one thing to make it fit and make it all work... hard to find/ never happens). but the interesting thing is they don't really know what will happen. i am sure they have a pretty good idea but when you are playing to trying to recreate the Big BANG (note word bang) it might be a good idea to have some idea.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

When Color Was New

when Bess and i were out doing our walking around thing on the 5th, we went to see a show at the Julie Saul Gallery called "When Color Was New, vintage photographs from around the 1970s." now i don't know what Bess thought, but i thought it was kind of awesome and a great representation of big artist taken photos that looked kind of like "oh pretty color let's shoot that!" no really, there were works there by Jonh Pfahl, Joel Sternfeld (Bess's formar Prof...) and a Walker Evens' Polaroid. let's not forget the ladies with works by Helen Levitt, Jan Groover and Nan Golden. but the biggie for me was William Eggleston's NFS gigantic tricycle! it was really cool to see in person. i kind love that image (maybe because i love bikes). i would recommend going to see it if you get a chance.

on second thought i guess just Bess and i will be seeing this one as it came down on the 6th, sorry guys.

Sept. 11th

i kind of forgot that Sept. 11th is coming up (it is my mother' birthday and that is how i think of it), until the other day when i was waiting for the E train and a cute tall blond, i am going to guess, German model-looking boy asked me, 'is this the train to The Ground Zero?' in a curious and excited tone. i said yes it will take you there and then he asked, 'is the stop called The Ground Zero?' i said no, World Trade Towers, then walked away, thinking no you idiot there was something else there before there was nothing. i guess it is good he got me, a non-New Yorker who was exiled from New England (ahh the college years) at the time of the attack. i thought about it while i snuck glances of him looking at his map. why would anyone want to go there. i have never been. i have only been to the towers once long before they were gone. then it occurred to me, that, as with most thing in America, it has become a tourist destination. this was both interesting to me and sad. i don't know if i will ever go see it, i don't know if i want to. but all the time i spend thinking about the Sept. 11th attack, i just keep trying to remind myself that this is something (ok maybe not as many lives lost in a single day) that happens every day in other nations and it is not as glorified as it is here. buildings that are bombed in Iraq don't end up being tourist destinations for supposed Germans, only in America does that happen. but then again, as with most things in America, it was bigger and more spectacular (please forgive the use of the word i don't me to sound like it am praising here) then most.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No choice for Bristol could means no choice for all

i find it very interesting that Sarah Palin is McCain's pick. if she can't get her children to follow her lead how does she expect the nations to follow. Her daughter's pregnancy raises many questions. Palin notes that that Bristol has 'chosen' on her own to keep the baby. she did not chose, with her mother running for VP there was no choice her her, and if McCain/Palin win there will be no choice for America's women. Furthermore, Palin states that she will not support 'explicit sex-ed programs' in Alaska (Jazebel article) so how can we expect her to support them nation wide. i am sorry but the old stand by of absinenst-only education does not work. Bristol is case in point. maybe if this girl had the knowledge of, and access to contraceptives she would not be were she is. yes, yes her and the boyfriend (ET article) plan to marry. again like they have a choice. there is no way that the Republican party would allow any unwed mother to be the VP's daughter. i feel for this girl, she has no choice and should her mother win we all may caught in that same situation. much will be learned about Sarah Palin, a woman who doesn't seem to know here she stands on a lot of things that are important to this nation, from how she proceeds with her daughter and the 'choices' her daughter makes.