Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lobster Dog

So not keeping up so much with the new plan. We will be getting Internet soon so that will help. In the meantime here are a few photos of Chloe and her first experience with a lobster.

It got her!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Plan

In looking at the blog of my good friend Katie Wright, who posts often, I have decided that I need to update more. I know I won't be able to post one a day, due to the no Internet status of our apartment at the moment. However, I should be able to do one a week. This will force me to show some of the images I have taken and keep me accountable for going to see shows at the many museums and galleries that New York has to offer. Or at least comment on music or current events. This is something I want to make time for and I hope will both allow me to think more critically about things and force me to be more creative. Two skills that have, I feel, slipped in the last few months.

I am currently working on images of my extended family, specifically my cousins, our get togethers and lives. I have a statement for this work but I don't feel it is quite ready for eyes other then my own. That being said, here is an image from our Christmas party.

This is my cousin Kirsten and her father my Uncle Red. She, who really hates it when I take her photo, is the third and youngest girl in a family of four, three girls and one boy who is the youngest of the four. Kirsten's two older sisters, Shannon and Taren, are both married, one with a small child. Uncle Red will be very sad to give away his last daughter. In a side note, Kirsten looks very much like her mother, Anne, here.

Here is an image from our New Years Hootennanny.

This is from the left, Dan, Sean's back, Sheila, Taren, and Shannon. Dan is Shannon's husband and some will say, very much like her father, Red. This was right before midnight and everyone was getting ready.

My cousins have got to the point where, while they still notice me taking photos, they don't mind as much. I try not to show any of them in a bad light and try to just take snap shot, slice of life, photos. I plan to take what I have shot over the last 6 months and see what jumps out and work from there.