Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Cities

Thursday night was the open of The Cities of Jean-Michels Berts at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery. This is an exclusive series printed in carbon ink. This entire exhibition was printed in house by me. I am happy to say the photograph and many others were very please with my work. I enjoyed printing this images in an edition of 5. It brought me back to my time in the darkroom. The process, thought it is digital, is quite close to working with wet prints in that the 'dodging and burning' is very evident. The difference thou is the amount of control on has with digitally adjusting and image and the tonal range of the process. The 7k ink systems allows for a tonal range close to that of platinum/palladium printing. It is quite subtly beautiful and worth seeing in person. The show will be on exhibit though January 2010.

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